About My Services

Hand Painted Digital Art

Using your photo I can transform it into a work of art, that will grace any wall. The finished image will be large and at a high resolution, so getting a print to any size is no problem. There is a one-off payment of £50 (about $66), far cheaper than having an oil painting and just as good.

Your Photo

Most of us now use our smart phones for photos and the quality is very good. So if you have photos on there, then they will be perfect. Or you may have many photos stored on your PC. The finished image, as long as the sent image is of good quality, can be printed up to 4 feet square (121.92cm).

Your photo can be printed onto cushions, mugs, phone cases mouse mat or made into a puzzle. One fine company for all your photo needs is: https://www.photobox.co.uk/shop/small-gifts

What To Do

You can send me a photo via Messenger in Facebook, or by email: keith.furness@gmx.com. The image does not have to be just a head shot, a full body shot will be fine. If you have a print, then you can contact me to arrange postal delivery. When the photo is finished a small copyrighted image will be sent to you and if you like the finished image, then you can pay me by PayPal, using that email address and credit cards are accepted. Once I have received payment, then the full size image will be sent to you by email, it's that simple. No need to send any money in the first instance.